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New Buffalo boys’ soccer team wins districts


For the first time in the school’s history, the Bison boys’ soccer team has won the District Title.

On the rainy evening of Thursday, Oct. 20, the New Buffalo High School boys’ team defeated Lake Michigan Catholic High School at Cassopolis High School by a score of 3 to 1.

The game opened with leading BCS scorer, Andrew Kangas of LMC, scoring in the first 90 seconds of the game; however, the Bison defense rallied. The Bison defense continued to be tough and the next opportunity to score was all Bison, with Nick Keen’s goal tying the score. Keen later assisted with a pass to Patrick Griffin, who kicked the ball into the net, giving the Bison a 2-1 lead going into halftime. The second half saw continued pressure from LMC; however, Thomas Kucera came back with a low left foot rocket that put the Bison in a 3-1 lead, giving them the final victory and the District Title.

The team was welcomed back to New Buffalo by a full escort through town, which was led by the fire and police departments blaring their sirens and many fan cars honking their horns. Excitement ruled at the New Buffalo City Beach parking lot.

The team is made up of 22 players: Gaige Rice, Tommy Tran, Henry Johnson, Bobby Thorn, Sotiri Margaritis (Capt.) Miles Haskins, Zane Lauricella, Josh Workman, Andrew Keller (Capt.), Connor Thorn, Ryan Bluscke, Darius Svabas, Adam (Max) Ripley, Nick Keen, Luca de Souza Mesquita, Peter Brown, Thomas Kucera, Jacob Nerada, Patrick Griffin, Grant Fadden, Ian Purcell and Joe Wick.

The team is coached by Head Coach Eric Beers. Traci Lauricella and Nick Talbot are assistant coaches. Mangers are Alina Wilhoitte, Emily Keller and Maeve Smith.

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